School lunch prices increase thanks to Obama administration’s ‘equity’ rules

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Students from well-to-do families in Florida’s Jackson County schools will be paying 10 cents more for their school lunches beginning next fall, thanks to the federal government’s 2010 school lunch law that is championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

The price jump is just the latest that Jackson County school leaders have imposed on their high-income students. The district’s plan is to hike school lunch prices for these students by 50 cents over the span of several school years, according to

Similar price increases of are happening in school districts all across the U.S.

School leaders all say they don’t want to charge students more for lunches, but they are being forced to do so under the “equity in school lunch pricing” rules that are embedded in the federal government’s “Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.”

When federal officials were helping shape the new school lunch law, they noted the average lunch price for well-to-do students in many districts was lower than the district’s cost to produce a meal.

Apparently, the federal subsidies that schools receive to provide low- and modest-income students with a free or reduced-price lunch are so generous that Jackson County schools and other districts have been able to lower the price for wealthier students, too.

At least that’s how it used to be.

Since the 2010 federal law took effect, our D.C. overlords have been requiring districts to phase out that benefit for high-income students.

(Note: The National School Lunch Program still subsidizes a portion of every school meal that’s served, including those for the well-to-do.)

The question must be asked: If federal subsidies were helping feed all children, why would Democrats – who controlled Congress in 2010 when the law passed – and the Obama administration suddenly worry about how much a wealthy student is charged for his or her lunch?

Overreach: President Obama has been accused of political 'overreach' after a photograph of him leaning over the glass 'sneezeguard' barrier at Chipotle on Monday was shared on Twitter
This is a food safety violation!

That’s where First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch rules come into the equation.

Under Mrs. Obama’s oversight, K-12 schools must now serve healthier foods (such as black bean burgers and tostada salads) in place of traditional, less healthy fare (such as hot dogs and French fries).

As any grocery shopper knows, “healthy” food items often cost more than their tastier and more enjoyable counterparts. So to help subsidize the healthier menu items for all K-12 students, America’s wealthier students are being asked to pay a little more.

Don’t just take our word on it.

A Center for Science in the Public Interest document gave the same reason for the lunch price increases that are occurring all across the nation:

“Implementation of equity in school meal pricing can significantly boost school foodservice budgets and allow for improvements to school meal quality. (The U.S. Department of Agriculture) estimates that implementation of the paid meal provision would raise $323 million for school meals programs over the next five years … As schools work to implement updated meal standards, additional funds are needed to cover the costs to provide better quality meals with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.”

In other words, the Obama administration has brought its class warfare agenda into the nation’s K-12 schools. It looks like getting school children to “pay their fair share” is just part of the overall goal of “fundamentally” transforming the United States of America.

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