School Renewal Program

Nov 19, 2014 by

Ron Isaac – Nearly one hundred public schools have been identified as struggling. People who don’t grasp the complexities, call these schools “failing.” That is simplistic. And in most cases an overstatement.

Time will tell.  If we give time a chance.Unlike their immediate predecessors, Mayor DeBlasio and Chancellor Farina don’t want to give up without a fight. They want to improve these schools. To heal them. They know the cause is right and is not lost.

So they developed the “School Renewal Program.”  For the next three years, there will be bold, coordinated action to enable these schools to get a firm new grip on their potential, fulfill their community’s hopes for them and justify their continued operations.

Hours will be added to the instructional day and added support services injected into them. Research and experience-based evidence has shown that the difference between stagnation and progress may hinge on these therapies.

There will be constant monitoring and ongoing creative intervention. It will be high-intensity, critical care and tough love without excuses, detours or surrender.

What’s wrong with that?

Opponents of the school improvement approach pretend that they believe that these schools are beyond improvement, but that is just a reason they give to hide their cynical and aggressive agenda. They really don’t want to salvage these schools because they are warriors in the battle to privatize our public schools and convert them into investment properties bound by the profit-driven rules of the competitive marketplace.

But the business of educating children is not the pharmaceutical industry.

One camp sees one solution to ailing schools: euthanize them. The Department of Education wants to rehabilitate and cure them.

Which is the enlightened choice?


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