School start delayed in for kids, teachers in fire evacuation zones

Sep 2, 2018 by

The wildfire evacuation has been an adventure for Ginger Moyah’s two children.

Camped out at a Burns Lake church, they’ve “had a blast” riding bikes with other evacuated kids, including their cousins. “It’s like a big family reunion,” she said.

But from time to time, reality intrudes. Like when one of their cousins realized he’d be celebrating his birthday without his mom and dad, who decided to remain at home to fight the fire on the south side of Francois Lake.

While adults are allowed to defy an evacuation order, children are not. The couple’s six kids have been staying with family.

“They were talking on the phone about the birthday, and his mom just broke down,” said Moyah. “They haven’t seen each other in two weeks.”

Reality will interrupt again on Tuesday, when classes resume at schools across B.C., with the exception of those in evacuation zones.

Moyah isn’t sure what she’ll do. As a teacher at a school that will open as scheduled, she’s expected back at work Tuesday. Grassy Plains Elementary, where her kids attend class, will be closed until Sept. 17, according to an update from the school district.

Source: School start delayed in for kids, teachers in fire evacuation zones | Vancouver Sun

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