School taken to task for ‘anti-bullying’ ruse

Dec 1, 2020 by

A couple in Colorado has filed a lawsuit against their school district for subjecting children in kindergarten through fifth grade to transgender ideology.

Christian parents Lewis and Brecken Jones are suing the Boulder Valley School District for its assault on their religious liberty and parental rights with the transgender program. The lawsuit also claims the district retaliated against the family by creating a hostile environment after the parents filed a formal complaint with the school district in November 2018. That complaint was supported by nine other families, the Camera reported at the time.

Administrators say the lessons were prompted by the bullying of transgender students, but Stephanie Curry of the Family Policy Alliance points out that students at that age are vulnerable to ideas they cannot understand.

“So when teachers start teaching kindergarteners that they might not be a boy, they might be a girl stuck in a boy’s body, it can be very confusing for our children,” Curry argues.


The Joneses were able to opt their children out of the performance of a musical by Phoenix, Colorado’s Trans Community Choir about a transgender raven, but not the videos or the classroom discussions. Curry says those are ways schools manipulate their way around policies.

“One way schools are getting around opt-out is by saying … When we’re teaching transgender ideology to your child, that’s not sex education. We’re simply teaching them how not to bully people,” Curry explains.

Breitbart News reports that the Joneses have since pulled their children out of the school and are seeking financial relief for having to arrange alternate learning sources.

Source: School taken to task for ‘anti-bullying’ ruse

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