Schools in crisis as graduates turn their backs on teaching

Dec 27, 2015 by

Shortages in key secondary subjects hit London and south-east hardest as house prices soar beyond salaries

Britain’s leading expert on school recruitment has warned that a shortage of trainee teachers is reaching crisis levels in some of the most important subjects in the curriculum.

In evidence submitted to the parliamentary education select committee, TeachVac, an independent vacancy-matching and monitoring service for education professionals, said that it had identified a “woeful” lack of new teachers in several key secondary school subjects.

Its founder, Professor John Howson, who has conducted research into the labour market for teachers since the early 1980s, said that 2015 would go down as the year when a new teacher supply crisis started. He predicted that the shortage of trainees would worsen as pupil numbers rose and cash-strapped graduates, unable to afford homes, turned their backs on teaching.

The secondary school population fell throughout the last parliament because of a declining birth rate but is now predicted to rise. The School Teachers Review Body claims that it will be 17% higher in 2023 than it was last year.

“By the beginning of the 2020s we will have more children in secondary schools than we’ve ever had in the history of education,” Howson said.

Source: Schools in crisis as graduates turn their backs on teaching | UK news | The Guardian

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