Schools in Finland set to learn from Scotland’s curriculum

Jun 18, 2018 by

Andrew Denholm –

IT HAS been easily the most controversial innovation in Scottish education over the past decade.

Critics of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) have argued it has reduced subject choice and ushered in a culture of red tape and bureaucracy.

But now officials from one of the world’s best education systems are travelling to Scotland to learn about the benefits of CfE, which seeks to shift the focus away from exam cramming and develop wider skills such as problem-solving and group working.

Under a new partnership, seven schools from Espoo, the second largest city in Finland, are to be linked with seven schools in East Lothian with teachers and pupils given the opportunity to collaborate and share their expertise and experience.

International tables shows Finnish children perform extremely well in literacy, numeracy and science even though they start school at an older age and spend fewer hours a year in the classroom than their counterparts elsewhere in Europe.

However, the country is implementing a new national curriculum and wants to learn from the experiences of schools in Scotland.

Source: Schools in Finland set to learn from Scotland’s curriculum | HeraldScotland

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