Schools Re-Opening: Giuliani, McCaughey, Rand Paul

May 13, 2020 by

Having an academic credential or achieving prominence in political leadership count for nothing when a person’s judgment is otherwise corrupted.

A few days ago, Betsy McCaughey,  the chairwoman of the Committee to Reduce Infectious Deaths, who was also a former lieutenant governor of New York, wrote in the New York Post ” As for when New York schools reopen, science indicates schools aren’t a source of transmission. If schools are kept closed in the fall in defiance of this fact, say good-bye to the middle class…”

She’s correct that bricks and mortar do not transmit the virus. People do. By “science”, perhaps she means her own political science.

How McCaughey can be witless about the screamingly obvious dangers of the highly concentrated environment of kids and adults, demonstrates the limitations of conventional literacy. Her indifference to the safety of educators is brazen because it is likely conscious on some level.

But apart from that, she is hardly up-to-speed on the clear link between COVID-19 and the life-threatening Kawasaki’s Disease, of which more than 50 children have been diagnosed recently.

Yesterday on WABC radio, former Mayor Giuliani dismissed lightly and contemptuously the truth that schools are significant venues for infection because, drawing on his epidemiological background as a US Attorney, kids don’t get sick with COVID-19. Since he actually believed this since discredited fallacy, his insensitivity glares even more flagrantly, because he entirely dismisses concern for the safety of educators as pandering to a bunch of spoiled layabouts.

On the same TalkRadio station yesterday, US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), conspicuously omitted educators from his short list of adults to be concerned about if the pandemic isn’t tamed and schools are re-opened.  And this guy is medical doctor!

New Yorkers can rest assured that our schools will not be re-opened unless and until they are reliably determined to be safe and this process will be independently monitored and verified according to state-of-the art scientific standards.

It is suggested there may be staggered sessions and a hybrid operation of online and in-person learning instituted. That would be, to use a very trending expression, “unchartered” territory and perhaps a logistical and programming nightmare.

Minimal disruption is a goal, but no effort that gambles with public safety should be considered.

Educators are eager to practice their profession under the most favorable circumstances possible, but it should not be expected or asked of them to play lottery with their survival. They have powerful advocates ready to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Ron Isaac

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