Scope of PMP Certification Across The Globe

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PMP credential is provided by the PMI (Project Management Inst.) only if you succeed in getting the qualifying scores in the PMP® certification examination. This examination is conducted throughout the year by PMP on demand. It is conducted in the entire prometric center. At present this is one certification that is in high demand especially for the project manager. To put it in other words, if you wish to succeed and face a rapid growth in your career, then having this certification is mandatory for which you need to qualify the exam. PMP certification training can be availed from any of the reputed institutions out there that are known for providing good results. In this article we will focus on the Scope of PMP across the globe.

Scope of PMP across the globe

There are many in the job market searching for the job that you are but what makes you better than hem is this certificate. Be it any organization, the HR is willing to recruit you as the project manager if you have this credential. This in itself reflects the importance of PMP® Certification. The questions that are included I the exam are basically the ones that are based on situational as well as the knowledge. In total there are around 200 questions and in order to qualify the exam, it is necessary for you to score at least 65%. The moment you clear the exam the PMP certificate get attached to your resume and you are the a step ahead of the counterparts if your. Your demand in the market is high and anyone out there in the economy is willing to hire you at a good package. When it comes to Project Management, this is one of the most essential credential.

Need for the PMP certification

Out of all the courses out there is the market, you might be excited to know the reason for selecting this particular course. To highlight one reason, this is the sole certification that is asked from you if you apply for the designation of the project manager. This makes it essential for you to take out time and invest in this course so that you can qualify the exam and get the desired certificates. Here we have mentioned certain reasons that hints towards the great cope of this certification in the times to come.

1. Highlights your credibility and professional know how

PMP credential indicates that you possess the knowledge about the best methodologies a well as the best practices. You are then taken to have all the capabilities to solve any sort of a problem and then eliminate the same from its root.

2. An increased demand in the market

A plethora of organizations have now made the credential for fetching the new projects. I case you have this credential, then this means that you can get new projects for the organization for which you are working. In return you will be in an advantageous position in your respective organization, enjoying great designation and good salary.

3. A great security at job

Being a PMP certified project manager implies that you are safe at your designation. Once this tag gets attached to your resume, it then become lucrative in the eyes of the recruiters. While filtering the application they keep yours on their priority list. Same goes the case while the company thinks of promoting or firing the employees, you are secure be it on any end. In case your current organization fails to acknowledge this certification in the way you expect and deserve, then you can go in for a job switch. There are umpteen companies out there ready to hire you at attractive package.

4. One of the true mentors and an asset for the organization

If you have the PMP certification, then this indicates that you are capable of sharing the tips and know-how with the others at the work place, especially in the arena of the project management. This will further improve your learning up to a great extent. You will get an opportunity to meet new people, interact with them and get to know their views and ideas on the same field. Not only will this improve you cognitive skills but at the same time you will be able to enhance your personality as this vast knowledge will let you build your confidence.

5. An ad on advantage

The benefits are no just limited to the above mentioned points, there is loads to be explored. In case the company requires to send someone on offshore trip solely for the purpose of business, then yours will be the first name that will strike their mind. The reason being that, you are one of the few certified project managers that they have. The customer will also be more than happy to acknowledge the recommendation of your name and you might fetch the opportunity to grab some incentives on both the ends.

All in all, there is loads of scope for the PMP certified professionals out there in the market. All the businesses in the economy wish to run successfully for which they need to initiate, develop as well as complete the projects. Further they need to make recruitment, hire and then train people who have solid project management skills or to inculcate some in them. With the rapidly speeding world of business to secure a place for you, it is essential to have this certificate in hand. It is only this certification that can actually boost your career and make you highlighted to be recruited at the first place, promoted on the second and retained on the third. You can in no case avoid the fact that of you are PMP certified project manager then you just need to choose an organization where the values of PMP are not only known but at the same time highly. You can then establish yourself there having this credential knowledge plus experience

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    Sam Carlson

    Contributes to higher income
    The biggest advantage of the PMP certification has the salary that it can draw to the project managers. Around the industry the mean salary that a PMP certified professional draws annually is $1,08,000 in contrast of $ 91000 of a NON- Certified one. In an survey done by PMi indicates that a Non-Certified professional draws 20% less salary annually than of an certified one. This figure is seen all over the world in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia and including the United Arab Emirates. PMP as been ranked most highest paid IT certifications this trend also indicates that PMP salaries will only continue to rise in the future. Most of the companies value skills over qualifications hence individual has less threat of laying off thus providing good job security.

    Provides networking opportunities
    PMI as of now has around 773,840 dynamic PMP confirmation holders across the world. as soon as, you become part of that club. PMI certified professionals continuous gatherings for individuals in significant urban communities across the world. These gatherings are additionally orchestrated to assist the individuals with procuring Professional Development Units (PDUs). These units are expected to satisfy Continuous Credential Requirements, likewise called as CCRs. These are crucial for save the affirmation for a very long time.

    There is a lot one can gain such meetings. During these gatherings, one can become acquainted with about any new position openings that are shared by individuals who esteem this accreditation. PMI gatherings dispense explicit chance to publicize such positions. Furthermore, there are other on the web and disconnected networks through which PMPs cooperate with one another. These people group help in building proficient organizations. Further, this certificate permits an individual to coach the other PMI PMP competitors.

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