Scouts’ gender move: Another anti-God curtsy

Feb 14, 2017 by

Charlie Butts –

A traditional values ministry is warning American parents to wake up to radical agendas.

In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America made the decision to allow homosexual males to join the organization; and in 2016, BSA opened the doors to homosexual scout leaders. Earlier this year, the Scouts decided to welcome gender-confused girls into its ranks as well.

The National Organization for Women has taken the latter development as a cue to demand the organization now begin taking girls into its ranks. NOW president Terry O’Neill says “it’s long past due that girls have equal opportunities in Scouting.”

But Linda Harvey of Mission: America says there is a benefit to same-gender, safe environments for the development of masculinity in boys, and femininity in girls.

Harvey tells OneNewsNow, “For the feminists to keep pressuring the breaking down of those barriers … is destructive to our children and certainly [it] undermines the kind of values we would want in our children from God’s perspective.”

She contends NOW is striving for no distinction between genders. In contrast, God has designed individuals to be distinctly male or female.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America)“We are self-destructing as long as we allow feminism and the radical homosexual agenda to dictate what we do with our children and how we educate them and prepare them for stable, sound, positive and godly adulthood,” Harvey says.

In an environment of mixed genders and no boundaries, children could become confused about their own gender identity. To protect against that, Harvey suggests parents encourage girls to join organizations such as American Heritage Girls and boys to investigate Trail Life USA – both faith-based organizations.

Responding to the BSA’s change in standards, Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock reassured that his group’s bylaws and standards, “having been forged in the fires of this cultural battle, are secure against such changes.”

Source: Scouts’ gender move: Another anti-God curtsy

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