Screening Hypocrisy

Jan 7, 2021 by

The children of Mayor DeBlasio and incoming Secretary of Education Cardona attended public schools that screen for talented children.  We assume that their acceptance was based solely on merit and not on  courtesies extended to their VIP elders.

I know of no evidence to the contrary.

But often we find that a little bit “extra” is decisive in securing coveted positions in academic institution. Rich, prominent or “connected” folks seem to benefit disproportionately from this avenue of access.

Examples of some level playing fields being more level than others abound:

A governor locks down the citizenry so they hardly retain the freedom to take a bathroom break in their own home if the toilet is located near the occupied kitchen, while he in the company of A-listers in otherwise forbidden settings.

A top infectious disease expert warns of the doom of our nation if quarantined grandchildren take a bus to catch a glimpse of their loved ones in the hospice, while herself on the sly hopping an airborne shuttle to visit distant relatives.

Congressional millennials are misty-eyed on media cameras as they plead for priority Covid vaccinations for the sick and elderly, even as they themselves jump the queue like junior high school kids in a cafeteria.

Whether it’s open doors to top universities based on donations, nepotism or quid-pro-quo to fixers  and favorites,  it remains gospel that firm rules are for people who have nothing and nobody else to fall back on.

They have in effect been pre-screened by virtue of birthright, social and economic status or other form of temporal clout.

Whether their politics are progressive or conservative, socialist or libertarian, or any other classification, people are for the most part very zealous about being protective of their own advantages in life, no matter how they were acquired and regardless of whether other categories of folks to whom they give empathic lip-service, suffer as a result.

It’s all about leveraging . 

Profusely lucky and prosperous people of all groups and descriptions, should play by the same rules and be hamstrung by the same  caprices of fate as everybody else.

Rip away hypocrisy’s mask and corruption’s veil!

Ron Isaac

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