Scum Decamps to Valhalla

Aug 23, 2018 by

The stench cloud over Jackson Heights has lifted.  The human waste called Jakiw Palij was finally pooper-scooped and deported to Germany to an assisted-living facility where the 95 year-old may boast of his salad days as a death camp volunteer where he frustrated the escape of Jews and abetted in their murder during the worst crime in history.

Germany will not prosecute Palij, but at least he will no longer be treated as a celebrity in the cradle of the holocaust. Presumably.

Although his role was verified  and his identity and location known for decades to the highest levels of the federal government, and despite the legal basis for his removal being beyond doubt, no action was taken until yesterday, except for a quickie pro-forma symbolic gesture with a wink through soft diplomatic channels years ago.
Annually, a small group of observant Jewish students demonstrated outside Palij’s house to publicize his continuing presence, which was not only a moral affront but a violation of law.  Despite the abounding diversity of human-rights advocates and social-justice activists in metropolitan New York, very few others joined these Yeshiva kids on their vigils.

Nobody was interested in shaming Palij. His pestilential presence was simply not deemed an affront in the same way that presidential cabinet members in public restaurants.
Why the absence of outrage?  The answer, in my opinion, is a partial indictment of our educational systems, curriculum ( sometimes bordering on historical revisionism) and failed sensitivity training.

The Holocaust is either ignored, trivialized, generalized and even occasionally denied. A very small percentage of high school students have a clue or much care. This feeds certain biases on geopolitical issues and may also fuel Judeophobia, which is hardly mentioned in the media, although Jews are by far the most common victims of religious hate crimes, not only in the US, but increasingly in Europe and South America.

Palij will not be much longer of this world he soiled. If Oblivion is a place, his ashes will besmirch it. No arrest or other transaction on earth can confer on him the justice he merits for dishonoring and defiling humanity.
But we must with stark and unsanitized lessons with our multicultural students, use the monster’s strange,deplorable and protracted Jackson Heights residency as a metaphor for how complacent people can become to evil as long as it cuts the grass, exchanges pleasantries with neighbors and grows a grand-pappy’s gnarled beard.

Ron Isaac

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