SD County sees rise in non-local charters, lawsuits

Nov 23, 2015 by

Charter growth is ‘like the Wild West.’

They pop up in strip malls and churches offering an alternative to the traditional classroom experience.

For many students, these small charter schools — some are satellite branches of sorts — provide a new chance at an education with flexibility and an opportunity to learn outside the box. But school districts say they’ve been inundated by stealth charters that show up — usually without notice that’s required by law — poaching students and the state attendance funds that come with them.

San Diego County has seen a rise in “out-of-district” charters in recent years — mostly independent-study programs authorized by small districts in the eastern reaches of the region. The arrangements can be appealing because the authorizing districts don’t stand to lose students, and they receive a percentage of the charter’s revenue in exchange for varying degrees of oversight and often administrative support services.

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