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by Harry & Rosemary Wong – Christina Shoemaker was on her way to teach her 7th period Concert Choir class at Lincoln-Way North High School in Frankfort, Illinois, when she was stopped in the hallway by a colleague. The conversation ended up lasting about 8 minutes into the 7th period class. Christina feared the worse. What would greet her when she was 8 minutes tardy for her own class? As she entered the door, there was the Concert Choir partially through their warm-ups! She asked them what they were doing and they told her they just went ahead and started class without her!

She asked what they had done so far. They responded that they had worked silently on their bellringers. Then, students volunteered to put the answers to the bellringer on the board. Next, they continued on with the procedure and one student simply read the announcements found on the teacher’s music stand.

After announcements, they began to write in the solfege for the sight-reading exercise so the class could get a head-start. After that, one of the class officers initiated the stretches and breathing to begin the warm-up. The students did not miss a note in starting the class. Christina was ecstatic with how the class was proceeding without her.
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