Seasonal work in a restaurant is more than extra cash

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Each business has its peak seasons and restaurants are not an exception. For most cafes, bars, and restaurants the busiest season is summer, and not only because people more willingly spend time out of their cozy homes, but also because outdoor areas are opening and it often double-sizes the location. And for you, it might be a great opportunity to get some extra cash as well as gain new experience, meet new friends, and develop new skills.

Why seasonal help at restaurants is one of the most popular jobs among students?

One of the greatest benefits of seasonal work is that it’s easy to get – when a high season is coming, you’ll see tons of vacancies for servers, hosts, and bartenders, so there are pretty good chances that you’ll be hired to one of the places even despite the lack of experience.

Another amazing benefit of a summer job at a restaurant is that it helps to develop transferable skills applicable to most work environments, like responsibility, problem-solving, communication and people skills, and so on – the list is pretty long.

How to choose the right job option?

Nevertheless, not every seasonal work at a restaurant would be good for you, because some employers tend to give less time and attention to their temporary employees and without a proper training your first weeks of work can turn into a nightmare. So here are the things you should pay attention to when looking for a season work:

  • Clear job description

Apply only to a vacancy that clearly states that it’s a part-time/summer job only and contains a list of duties to avoid any misunderstanding.

  • Training for new employees

As we mentioned before, make sure that the restaurant has a proper training for new staff members, especially if you don’t have any previous experience in a similar position. You can ask about the training during the interview.

  • Modern technologies and equipment

Not every restaurant owner keeps pace with the times thus making their employees’ work much harder, especially for the newbies, so we highly recommend you to apply for the job, that includes interaction with modern technologies, like Android or iPad point of sale.

  • High standards of customer service and work ethics

For several months you’ll not only be representing a business but also you will be a part of it, so, we presume, you’ll rather be working at a restaurant that has high standards of service and work ethics. To find out about the first, you can have dinner at the place to see it from a customer’s perspective. As for the work ethic, you’ll get the most honest answers from the current staff – just say to your waiter that you consider having a job here and ask how their manager treats them, what challenges do they meet during work, etc.

What employers expect from seasonal help and how to meet their requirements?

Now when you know how to choose a place to work at, let’s talk about the skills that will help you to get the job:

  • Being a quick learner

As far as you understand, employers can’t afford to spend too much time training seasonal staff, so one of the first things they require from an applicant is being a quick learner. Are you ready to devour new information as fast as possible? If so, you’ll get a job really quick, just don’t forget to mention this skill during the interview.

  • Positive attitude

Being a cheerful, open-minded and willing-to-learn person always pays off, unless you are looking for a job at a funeral home, so put on your best smile and show your positive attitude to the employer to get the job.

  • Interpersonal skills

In the restaurant business, almost every job requires strong interpersonal skills – even if you won’t work with customers directly, you’ll be a part of the team that needs to work as a well-set mechanism. So it will be great to mention the teamwork experiences you already had and do your best to show great communication skills.

What do students get from a seasonal job in a restaurant?

Except the most obvious and, probably, the most important benefit of any seasonal (and regular) job – money – there are a few other things that you can get and maybe they will turn out to be even more valuable than cash:

  • Experience

A summer job at a restaurant is the easiest way to get some working experience, test your skills, uncover some new talents and, most importantly, realize what you want to do and what you don’t want to do in life.

  • Enhancement of CV

When it goes about a CV, any job experience is better than no experience at all, so the seasonal work might have a good impact on your resume when you will be looking for the full-time job.

  • Networking

During your summer job at a restaurant, you will be meeting a lot of new people. Some of them will just come and go, but others may have a significant impact on your life, including future employment in your field.

  • Permanent job

You can never tell what kind of work fits you until you try it, so who knows – maybe you can be an amazing bartender or host and the employer will be glad to offer you a full-time job.

Seasonal work is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new – it will definitely pay out with tons of benefits mentioned above. Get out there and meet new opportunities and people that you would never get in contact with otherwise.

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