Secret Teacher: I’m fleeing abroad to get my life back

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Until the government realises teaching is about more than results, we’re better off out of here

Why don’t I socialise more? The problem is that a night out interferes with a Sunday spent marking, and if marking doesn’t happen I will be behind for the week.

I’m just over a year into my career as a qualified teacher and I’ve stopped seeing my friends because I don’t have time. I also haven’t been able to hold down a relationship – the previous people I dated haven’t understood the commitments that come with a 24/7 job. My non-teacher friends say things like, “don’t you get lots of holiday? There can’t be that much work”.

But even during time off I have my head buried in a pile of marking. I once had to go home early from a date because I forgot to input data for a year group. On another date, with the same person, they came over to mine and talked to me while I marked.

The truth is that, with all the hard work I devote to my career, everything else is falling by the wayside. Moving schools isn’t an option: curriculum changes and Ofsted’s rules apply everywhere and no one can escape the ever-growing number of boxes to tick. As the workloads get bigger, pay packets get smaller. I know that’s not why we do the job – it’s because we love the kids – but I can’t carry on pretending this is the right way to live.

That’s why I recently decided to leave England to teach abroad. I have now been offered a position in a school in the Middle East starting in the next few months.

Source: Secret Teacher: I’m fleeing abroad to get my life back | Teacher Network | The Guardian

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