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Dan-PatrickTex. Sen. Dan Patrick, new chair of the Senate Education Committee, just announced that he is going to hold a public hearing on CSCOPE (and on school safety).  He stated:

There are questions about CSCOPE as it currently exists in many of our districts that need to be addressed.  We need total transparency concerning any program that is now in the vast majority of our schools in one form or the other…Any system where the Chairman of the State Board can’t get a password to explore the CSCOPE site in detail for 6 months, requires teachers to sign an agreement that could subject them to criminal penalties, and is not easily transparent to parents, needs to be closely examined by the legislature.

Quotes from Gail Lowe, Texas State Board of Education member – 12.18.12 —

Complaints about CSCOPE made to state board of education members have spiked in the past year, according to SBOE member Gail Lowe, who represents Wichita County…

‘Someone stopped me at a Lampasas football game last month and said she was serving as a long-term substitute in fourth grade,’ Lowe said. ‘She said that week alone, the lessons had grammatical and/or spelling errors on virtually every page, and several answer keys were incorrect.’

The next week, Lowe received an email from a teacher who had lived in Wichita Falls but now taught in a school district near Austin…’I became aware of the worst algebra sequence ever, mathematics errors and omissions, and evidence that the lessons had not been proofread, to say nothing of critiqued or scrutinized. Worst is the examination component. Unit tests have only partial relevance of recent units. Rigging appears to create phony evidence of improvement from one unit to the next.’

She [Gail Lowe] also received complaints about science materials — inaccurate definitions, incomplete instructions on lab activities and poorly written lesson plans.

*Note from Donna Garner:

Please click on this link to see if your local school district is on the CSCOPE list.  These are the names of district that had bought CSCOPE as of Oct. 2012:

Be very concerned if your school district is on the list.  We taxpayers still pay the bill.  If your school district has chosen to purchase CSCOPE with your tax dollars, you have a right to voice your concern to your local school board.



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