Sen. Ligon to U. S. Senators: Don’t Pass NCLB Rewrite

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“Sen. Ligon to U. S. Senators: Don’t Pass NCLB Rewrite”

By Donna Garner



This letter sent to U. S. House Speaker Paul Ryan on Dec. 2, 2015 from State Sen. William Ligon (Georgia State Majority Caucus Chairman) is one of the clearest explanations of all that is wrong with the Every Child Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which was passed by the U. S. House on 12.2.15.


This letter should be “must” reading for every U. S. Senator BEFORE the vote is taken in the Senate this coming week. 


Sen. Ligon refuses to be misled by the glowing “playbook” marketing pieces sent out by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. 


Sen. Ligon’s objections to the ESSA/NCLB rewrite make it all too clear why every parent in this country should be demanding that this reauthorization legislation be stopped dead in its tracks.


As stated by Sen. Ligon:


For decades, each reauthorization of ESEA, along with grants such as Race to the Top, ignore the right of the people to decide if they want federal involvement in their local schools. Congress sets up the flow of money straight to State Executive branches. When the people’s representatives in the States are bypassed, we no longer have a republican form of government where education is concerned…


Finally, it should give Republicans great pause to consider that every anti-Common Core grassroots group in the nation appear to strongly oppose this bill, and the very organizations (National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers) that masterminded and engineered the development and rollout of the Common Core are quite pleased with the ESSA and give it their full endorsement.


It should also be another red flag that ESSA is a bill that President Obama will readily sign. By now, surely we know that his view of America and his solutions for America are quite different from those of us who believe in a self-governing Republic of free people who do not need a nanny state to look after our best interests.









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Donna Garner

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