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Ted Cruzby Donna Garner



[My husband and I attended a small meeting in Texas when Sen. Ted Cruz was running for the Senate seat in 2012.


As a retired classroom teacher, my plan was to explain to Ted Cruz how the Obama administration plans to take over the public schools of America through the Common Core Standards Initiative (CCSI).


Thinking Ted Cruz would be just like so many other politicians who “have been asleep” about CCSI while it has been sweeping over our country since 2009, I started in on my explanation.  Almost immediately Ted Cruz began to agree with me vociferously and quickly let all of us know that he was totally familiar with CCSI and its damaging effects.  Cruz wasn’t repeating a sound bite that a staffer had created for him; he spoke from a deep, personal understanding of how dangerous it is for the federal government to implement (1) national standards, (2) that lead to a national curriculum, (3) that leads to national assessments, (4) that lead to teacher evaluations based upon how well their students do on those assessments (forcing teachers to teach the national standards day in and day out), (5) that lead to a national database of personally identifiable information.


As a man whose father was imprisoned and tortured under a Cuban dictator, Sen. Ted Cruz understands what freedom is and how our Constitution must be preserved by this generation and by those who follow.


Through his father’s experiences, Sen. Ted Cruz understands what indoctrination by a dictator is; and he grasps personally how important the grassroots citizens are because they have been the ones to uncover the true intent behind  CCSI which is to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren into Obama’s social justice agenda.  – Donna Garner]


8.31.13 – “Conservatives Shower Sen. Cruz of Texas with Praise at Orlando Gathering” – by George Bennett, Palm Beach Post —

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