Senator Reid Uses Slave Labor

Aug 12, 2013 by

Las Vegan Jessica Padron beat out tough competition for a coveted internship in the Washington, D.C., office of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, and she’s not going to let money — or the lack of it — get in her way.

The internship is unpaid and the cost of living in Washington is high, but Padron knows working for the Senate majority leader in the nation’s capital is too good of an opportunity to pass. So Padron, an aspiring politician, is turning to a crucial political skill to make the internship become a reality: fundraising.

Padron, 20, was born in Las Vegas to a Cuban father and Mexican mother who met while working at the Riviera. Both her parents kept up with news and current affairs, but her mother gave her the taste of politics that got her hooked. Her mother participated in phone banks for the Democratic Party during the 2000 election, when Padron was in fourth grade, and took her daughter to the buzzing, hectic office.

Shortly after that, Padron’s brother, who is in the Army, was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and Padron’s interest in politics only grew.

“In fourth grade we would have discussion time, and I’d bring up news and current topics, and all the other kids just wanted to sip their juice in peace,” she said. “My dad always encouraged me to be informed and my mom always encouraged me to get involved. She has always voted and hauls the whole family down to the polls on Election Day.”

via Aspiring politician turns to fundraising to subsidize unpaid internship in Reid’s D.C. office – Las Vegas Sun News.

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