Setting a New Standard for Caribbean Medical Schools

Feb 21, 2018 by

Many of the medical schools in the Caribbean get a lot of bad press. From high attrition rates and slim pickings for clinical rotations to campus housing and campus culture, many med students complain. However, this is not the scenario at the Trinity School of Medicine. This med school is both patient and student-centric.

The Trinity Difference

To avoid a high attrition rate, Trinity School of Medicine carefully screens students before admissions. If there are any signs of academic difficulty during the semester, solutions are in place, such as learning new study habits or engaging in tutoring. Trinity School of Medicine is small and has about only 85 students. Its small size allows the school the time to target and address student issues. Its attrition rate is a low 12 percent.

Some medical schools do not provide enough available clinical rotation slots for their students. This is not the case at Trinity School of Medicine. Every student has an available rotation slot, including transfer students. An entire core rotation schedule is provided for students at the beginning of their clinicals.

Not providing housing for students is not acceptable at Trinity School of Medicine. We never accept more students than what we have room for, and one to four-bedroom apartments are provided for the entire student body. Students do not have to be concerned about finding off-campus housing that may be miles from campus or not even have adequate facilities, such as a kitchen. The on-campus apartments at the Trinity School of Medicine feature full kitchens along with shuttle services.

The Trinity Culture

The campus culture at Trinity School of Medicine is one of student support. Let’s face it. Attending any medical school can be stressful. Much study time is needed. Trinity School of Medicines takes a holistic approach to learning and goes beyond just lectures and learning. The school has many student activity groups, social hubs and networking opportunities. Students can bond with others for emotional support. Plus, the school’s student government acts as a communication system between students and administration. There are regular meetings and announcements on student activities. And the school’s student-run Recreation and Workout Committee features fitness activities, such as hockey, soccer and volleyball. These fitness programs provide a good mental health and physical workout for the students.

All around, the Trinity School of Medicine is a top choice offshore medical school in the Caribbean. Trinity is a Caribbean medical school that sets a new standard for medical schools in the Caribbean. Contact Trinity to learn more about how they are setting new standards for medical schools in the Caribbean what they offer their medical students.

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