Setting up a needless barrier to a Cal State education

Sep 6, 2019 by

The California State University is considering a requirement that high school seniors applying to the Cal State system complete an additional math or quantitative reasoning course on top of the academic courses that are currently required by both the Cal State and the University of California for admission. The Cal State board of trustees is set to hear a formal proposal of this change at its meeting later this month, with a vote on the measure planned in November.

Moving forward with this plan would create new and harmful barriers to accessing the CSU system, with a disproportionate impact on minority students and students from low-income families. This approach would do little or nothing to ensure better college graduation rates, and it would create a confusing situation where students would find themselves eligible to apply for admission to the UC system, but not to Cal State.

According to a new study conducted for a consortium of education reform groups, imposing this new requirement would reduce eligibility among California’s Latino high school graduates to 26% from an already low 32%. Among black high school graduates, eligibility would drop from 31% to just 24%.

Source: Opinion: Setting up a needless barrier to a Cal State education – Los Angeles Times

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