My Severe Doubts About Dr. Ben Carson As President

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Dr. Ben Carson

“My Severe Doubts About Dr. Ben Carson As President”

By Donna Garner



I have great respect for Dr. Ben Carson; I love his life story and had his book “Gifted Hands” on my classroom bookshelf for many years so that my students could choose to read it.  At one point I thought I might support him for President.  However, when I read this article by Bryan Fisher in March 2015, I had to change my mind because Dr. Carson, a medical doctor, caved on the issue of homosexuality. 


3.5.15 – “How Bad Did Ben Carson’s Surrender to Homofascists Hurt Him?” – by Bryan Fisher — BarbWire.com



Of all people, Dr. Carson should have been able to articulate very clearly the serious medical consequences of LGBTQQ sexual activities.  As a Christian, he should have been able to say in all honesty, “Because I love my fellow human beings, I, as a Christian, must warn them not to run into the ‘burning building’.  If I know they will suffer ‘getting burned’ and possibly early death, it is my responsibility out of love to warn them.”


Instead, Dr. Carson caved and told Sean Hannity, “I simply have decided I’m not really going to talk about that issue [homosexuality] anymore because every time I’m gaining momentum the liberal press says, ‘Let’s talk about gay rights.’ And I’m just not going to fall for that anymore.” ( )

As Bryan Fischer rightfully concluded, “If the left can beat him down this easily on an issue like homosexuality, on what other issues might he crumple if enough pressure is applied?”

The person we put in the White House cannot be so afraid of the liberal press that he will run at the first mention of a controversial issue.

The problem with Dr. Carson is that he has never served in a political office; therefore, we voters have no way to vet him on his voting record. The only thing we can consider is his actions when under pressure.

Let’s contrast this with Cruz’s record:  As Ted Cruz has said frequently, he chose not to put a dropdown box on that says “Issues” which is the typical format for a candidate.  Instead, Ted Cruz put “Proven Record” because that is what the American people want to see – not what a candidate says he wants to do but what a candidate has ACTUALLY DONE.  

Please go to and check out Ted Cruz’s “Proven Record” for yourself.  

5.20.15 – This video reveals how Ted Cruz handled the liberal media on the issue of homosexuality:


Donna Garner

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