Shades of blue with a dose of love distinguish Special Education in Camagüey

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Pity and resignation are not the right words to describe what you feel every day in a Cuban Special Education institution. I would rather think, and I think many do, about love, dedication and an overflow of  good feelings in the classrooms of children, adolescents and young people who receive their lessons surrounded by sweetness and also by different shades of blue.

This is the case at the Héroes del Moncada school in Camagüey, located on Martí Street, where 25 infants with Autism Spectrum Disorder grow up – in the broad sense of the word. A puzzle, where all the pieces fit perfectly, is the best way to depict this place. And so, as nice as the game, is every day there.

That same reality is shared by other students who, despite physical or learning limitations, enjoy a free and inclusive education. In Camagüey, to give an overview, there are 614 students at Special Education, as a result of the attention and security that students experiment in “the house” that welcomes them every morning.

Such achievements are the result not only of teachers, but also of the support given by the José Martí Union of Pioneers,  the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and other essential factors such as the family-community link.

And although sometimes blue is bright like the sea on a summer day, or dark like a storm;  those who look at the world as if it was an ocean and feel all the tenderness that fits in the eyes of a grateful child will always exist. (Yusarys Benito Deliano / Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: Archive)

Source: Shades of blue with a dose of love distinguish Special Education in Camagüey

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