She shares climate know-how with kids in a coastal city

Jun 13, 2018 by

By Noble Ingram – 

This year alone, four nor’easters have walloped the Boston region with heavy rain, snow, and storm surges. Here in East Boston, encroaching water has presented notable challenges. And for a variety of reasons, its residents don’t always have access to resources and knowledge to protect themselves, Magdalena Ayed says. So since last year, Ms. Ayed and her nonprofit, Harborkeepers, have been working to lift their neighbors’ environmental consciousness to a new level. Through her work, which includes harbor cleanups, workshops in schools, and live coverage of floods on social media, she’s been raising awareness about the challenges and helping to empower residents as they adapt to a changing environment. For example, at a neighborhood school, Ayed discussed how trash and debris that collect in storm drains can prevent floodwater on the street from dissipating. Then the students went outside to clear the campus. “Magdalena has really brought a lot of attention to the need to clean our harbor, our waterfront, and to be good stewards of the natural resources around us,” says Massachusetts state Rep. Adrian Madaro, whose district includes the neighborhood.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor Daily for June 13, 2018

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