She was young and healthy, until COVID attacked this teacher’s heart

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Donald Bravo was startled awake early one morning the week before Christmas by what sounded like a rock being thrown against the window.

When he went to check, he found his wife, who had fallen asleep on the living-room couch, on the floor barely breathing. He frantically searched for a cellphone to call 911 and then began CPR.

His otherwise healthy wife, Brettlynn Wolff, had tested positive for COVID-19 two days before. Wolff said she and her oldest son decided to get tested almost on a whim because the testing was free, nearby, and quick. They also wanted to be on the safe side since she worked as a teacher at Campbell Drive K-8 Center in Homestead.

Although Wolff, 39, had experienced none of the typical coronavirus symptoms, doctors would later discover her COVID-19 infection had brought on myocarditis, a severe inflammation of the heart.

By the time her husband found her, Wolff was in distress. “I could hear her having difficulty breathing all the way from the bedroom,” said Bravo, a Realtor.

Somehow, CPR classes he had taken when he worked with autistic children and as a safety officer on construction sites came back to him.

“I’m not a trained specialist but I did the best I could. All I could think was do chest compressions and get some air into her, but her jaw kept locking,” Bravo said.

For about 10 minutes, which Bravo described as “the longest 10 minutes of my life,” he kept at it, until EMS arrived at the couple’s Cutler Bay home and took over.

Paramedics heard the rapid heartbeat of tachycardia that can signal a heart attack or stroke, and they administered a therapeutic shock to try to reestablish a normal heart rhythm.

While Bravo stayed behind with the couple’s sons, 11-year-old Drew and 3-year-old Grayson, Wolff, who had no history of heart problems, was rushed to Jackson South Medical Center.

Source: She was young and healthy, until COVID attacked this teacher’s heart | Miami Herald

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