Shifts 101: What new proposals would mean for Minnesota’s schools

Jul 8, 2011 by



Back in the kinder, gentler era otherwise known as February, Gov. Mark Dayton released a proposed education budget that didn’t include much new money, but did offer something school administrators prize almost as much: A definite end to the practice of balancing the budget by delaying aid payments.

Finally, they crowed, someone understands that a shift, followed by another shift, followed by a handful more, actually adds up to a big ol’ cut.

Yesterday’s news that GOP lawmakers had proposed — and Dayton was seriously contemplating — increasing the amount of funding the state will delay paying to schools next year to 40 percent of what they are owed was greeted with incredulity.

“I guess if you put a gun to our heads and said, ‘Would you rather have a further shift or a cut,’ well, then, we’ll probably say the shift,” said Scott Croonquist, of the Association of Metropolitan School Districts, in a voice that suggested he was actually thinking something more profane. “But that’s like saying ‘Do you want to have one arm cut off or two arms cut off?’ ”

via MinnPost – Shifts 101: What new proposals would mean for Minnesota’s schools.

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