Short Essay Examples: Suggestions From Professional Writers

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A short essay is one of the most popular essays among not only students but also amateur and professional writers. Short essay’s main feature is that it can be combined with other essay types too: it can become a compare and contrast, argumentative, descriptive, and, of course, narrative short essay. 

You are limited only to your fantasy. So how do you write a great short essay that will impress all of your readers? Our article is going to give you the answer. 

Short Essay: Tips And Tricks 

Here are some simple recommendations on writing a short essay well. Follow them, and you will get a top written paper!

  • Work on your thesis statement for your short essay. The shorter your essay is, the earlier your thesis should appear in the text. A thesis statement is the most important part of your whole paper which gives the reader the explanation of the reason why you created the paper and why it matters to you. 

Check the outline: how do all of the ideas form the main point of your essay? The answer to the question is going to help you come up with a good thesis statement.

  • Make sure that your introduction catches the reader’s eye and makes him or her want to read more. One of the good short essay examples on of introduction is an anecdote, brief story, or a quote. 

These are simple but effective tricks that attract readers to your essay quickly. It has to something connected not only to your topic but also your personal story and feelings, so be honest with your audience.

  • Work on your body paragraphs. Their goal is to provide readers with a discussion of your main topic. Each idea from the plan or outline of your essay will actually have a separate paragraph for itself. Your body paragraphs will start with topic sentences: these are meant to present the argument and explain why you take a specific position. 

Gather some materials for the evidence that will support your main points in each of the body paragraphs. Don’t stretch your evidence for too long: try use not more than 1-2 sentences when presenting it.

  • Look for short essay examples from other writers. Most essay samples can be found online on different forums or special websites. You could also ask writers you know if they could show you their writing. You could also do some research using the largest database of academic paper examples to find essay examples that will help you write a better paper.

Top 10 Short Essay Examples Of Great Topics 

Here are some interesting examples of topics for a short essay format. Choose the sample you like and create your own wonderful story.

  1. What would you do if you could travel in time? Would you travel in the past or future? 
  2. What is the worst day of your life? What is the best day? How these two days similar and different? 
  3. Describe in time when you had fought your phobia and overcame it. 
  4. What are you proud of? What have you achieved during your lifetime?
  5. Who is your best friend? How did you find him or her? What is the best memory you have about this person? 
  6.  Write a short story in the form of a formal or informal letter. Who is a person you are writing to? What are you going to tell him or her? 
  7. Describe the skills you have. It can be anything: from painting to dancing. How did you learn to do that? What does it mean to you? 
  8. What languages other than English do you speak? How did you learn them? Did someone help you? 
  9. Share an example of the funny story that happened to you. Where and how did it happen? 
  10.  What is the best memory of your childhood? 

Final Word

Writing a short essay with an interesting twist can be hard sometimes, but not impossible. To do it well, read as many short essay samples as possible, and work on the structure of your text. And never stop believing in yourself and your own powers — this way, you will achieve everything you want. 

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