Should I Consider a Knockdown Rebuild?

Mar 27, 2018 by

It’s common to outgrow your home and inevitably reach a stage where your property has run its course. When your house no longer suits your needs, there are options to consider, including selling up and buying, building elsewhere, or renovating your property. These are popular options, but an often overlooked method is knocking down your house and building a new one. This can be achieved by working with a custom house builder, who can help you develop the custom home of your dreams.

More and more homeowners are choosing this option, because it’s a great way to start afresh without losing your plot of land. If you’re not clued up on the benefits of this approach, you might be wondering why you should consider a knockdown-rebuild.

A Smart Move Financially

There is evidence to suggest renovation projects are roughly 50% more expensive than buying new homes. When considerable renovations are required before work can begin, this is both expensive and time-consuming. During the design stage, the costs of renovating and extending are difficult to determine. Allowances for costs like plastering, underpinning, and flooring are factored into your contract with a builder. However, the builder will charge a premium that can leave you out of pocket from the beginning. Luckily, this won’t factor into your finances when you knock your house down and rebuild it. Because you’re starting afresh, your existing home will be completed demolished, rendering renovation costs obsolete. The money invested into your new house will be well spent, because you’re more likely to build a modern property more valuable than the previous.

Fewer Surprises

Unforeseen circumstances are common when renovating your home. These include dodgy wiring, leaking pipes, and undetected asbestos. The process can be described as putting a Band-Aid over a wound. Though you’ll patch over the problems, you’re not addressing the crux of the issue and healing things. By starting from scratch, you can eliminate these problem areas, ensuring every new component is in good running order. Knockdown-rebuilds provide less uncertainty in terms of cost and budget, since older houses have expensive secrets that cause problems once they surface. When building a new home from scratch, you’ll feel comfortable knowing your contingency budget isn’t as big.

You Won’t Have to Relocate

Knockdown benefits can positively impact lifestyle too. We are creatures of habit who don’t like change, and if you’re spent years growing accustomed to an area, you probably won’t want to leave. You’re faced with a dilemma if you need a new home to suit your evolving needs, but don’t want to leave the neighborhood you call home. Knockdown-rebuilds address this dilemma, because you can kill two birds with one stone. If you don’t own your current home but think it has great potential, you can always purchase it by using an elite estate agent like Ryan McCann real estate agent. Once you own the land, you can work on your knockdown rebuild, remembering the importance of having the capital necessary before you dive in.

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