Should I Send My Child to Boarding School?

Sep 23, 2019 by

Understandably, the main advantage of a boarding school is the outstanding education available to students. However, there are so many other, less obvious advantages to explore. One of the biggest benefits of boarding schools is that they provide a safe environment for children where they are engaged and interested both inside and outside of the classroom. What’s more, they are encouraged to be active and discover new interests. A boarding school in East Sussex go into more detail below.

Boarding schools with appropriate credentials will provide access to highly driven, talented teachers, who will offer an individualised education to each student, matching their unique needs and capabilities. In smaller classrooms, it is unlikely that any child will be overlooked or undervalued, because the teachers have more time to spread evenly amongst their pupils. Mentoring and extra study will also be available to students outside their usual lesson time, to ensure they reach their full potential across all subjects.

As well as superb education, boarding school will provide students with a strong sense of community, helping them develop social skills that will help them throughout and even in their future careers. They have the opportunity to foster their unique hobbies and interests with around-the-clock, professional care, away from the temptations of smart phones and other modern technological devices.

With such a strong focus on personal development, as well as learning, boarding school is a fantastic option for many children. Of course, there are benefits for parents as well; particularly those who have big work commitments or children with additional needs to care for. Knowing that your child is being fully supported and well educated provides a massive sense of relief for many parents. Although parents will miss their kids and vice versa, weekends and school holidays will become true quality time.

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