Should you learn to code from Online Courses in 2019

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No doubt technology has been taking new shapes every day, and we are very well acquainted with the fact that it is all related to computers.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and robotics almost every field requires computers, and if you are good at it, you will surely have a secure career shortly.

A lot of online courses related to coding in different languages like python, java. C++ and many other languages are available online.

Online learning is considered far better than joining coachings and institutes; you can learn wherever and whenever you want to and re-watch the same lecture countless times.

But if you are still pondering upon the question whether you should learn to code from online courses in 2019, we have a few strong and valid reasons that will help clear all of your queries.

Should you learn to code from Online Courses in 2019?

Online learning platforms.

Almost everyone who is interested in coding or is developing an interest in coding must have heard about the famous online code-learning platforms w3schools, udemy, edureka, etc. You will find a lot of courses on these platforms, and if you choose edureka as your code learning platform, you can grab a coupon for some discount from

Live classes and problem-solving.

Most of the online learning platforms provide pre-recorded videos, but there are some online classes which provide Live interaction with the teacher so that you can clear your doubts and queries at the same moment.

Live classes will also help you in problem-solving more quickly than pre-recorded video tutorials. That doesn’t mean pre-recorded classes aren’t worth it, they are also good, and you can even watch them again if you miss the point and do a quick google search about your queries. StackOverflow is the best platform for coding related problems you even try some Reddit forums.

Lifetime access to the study material.

Once you purchase an online course, you get lifetime access to it. So if you feel like revising the same topic after one month, you can quickly login to your online code-learning platform and go through the topic again. There are lots of online learning platform available like udemy, Lynda and edureka.  This is said to be the best part of the whole list.

If you chose edureka don’t forget to grab a coupon for an exclusive discount from

Flexible learning time

One plus point of learning code from online courses is that you can opt for the time which is suitable for you.

If you choose online classes, you don’t have to worry about the lectures interfering your work: school or college.

Final Words –

I hope these reasons are enough for you to choose to learn code from online classes rather than joining institutes and spending thousands of dollars on the same. Thank you for being such an awesome reader and let us know if we have missed out on anything via comments or email. The post is not sponsored by any of the brand mentioned above.

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