Things You Shouldn’t Do in College

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College life is something which every single student looks forward to, enjoys immensely while they are there, while at the same time, waits impatiently for it to be done. And, of course, there are plenty of reasons why college is probably the best time of your life. Compared to high school, you no longer need to spend an entire day listening to boring classes, or get up bright and early just so you can catch the school bus, because everything you need is right there on campus.

There is also the social component of college education, which is a lot more pronounced than it was back in high school, because you are surrounded by people who are just like you, with similar personalities and interests. You have total freedom to do whatever you want, experience new things, while at the same time, grow and become a responsible adult.

This last bit is critical, because a lot of college students get sidetracked and forget why they are in college in the first place. They get caught up doing the wrong things and hanging out with the wrong crowd, which can have long-lasting consequences, not only on their academic careers, but their entire lives.

I’ve seen it happen many times before, which is why I’ve decided to put together a list which contains all the things you’ll want to avoid as a college student. Keep on reading.

10. Being Reckless with Your Money

College students are many things: smart, eager, resourceful, but also somewhat irresponsible and hot-headed, which is perfectly alright at that age. However, that doesn’t mean you get to be reckless, especially when it comes to managing your funds. I get it, you are far away from home, with nothing holding you back, so it’s easy to spend money on something less useful, or downright stupid.

But, remember, it’s always wise to have some money stashed away on the side, because you never know when you are going to need. I mean, sure, you can spend it to throw a keg party every once in a while in order to unwind after your midterms, but don’t let that’s become an everyday occurrence. Also, keep in mind that it’s your parent’s money you are spending, not yours. If you really need the extra cash, or are bad at saving it, you can always get a part time job, which will teach you how to be more responsible.

9.    Partying All the Time

One of the most exciting aspects of life in college are parties, and you should experience that by all means, but avoid overdoing it. When you get there, you will find that there is a party you can go to every day, which doesn’t mean you should. Do it only if you are done with all your studies. You will be tempted to go and stick around for an hour or two, but you will probably end up staying and until the very end and getting drunk.

I get it, it’s not just about partying, it’s about meeting new people as well, but you can always do that on the weekends, when you don’t have a class or a test you have to go to the following morning. The primary reason why you’re there is to get a degree, so make sure you always have that in mind. Studying should always come first, no matter what.

8. Treating Professors like Your Enemies

Just because you’re not chugging down beers together at frat parties, doesn’t mean you can establish a healthy attitude toward your college professors and develop a fruitful relationship. They are not just there to teach you during class or grade your papers, but also to help you with anything regarding your studies. You can visit every professor during their office hours and ask question regarding their class. You will find they will be more than willing to help.

Also, there will be times when you simply won’t succeed in turning in your essay on time, which means you will have to ask your professors for an extension. If you are open and honest about it, and they see you are trying hard, showing up for every class and consultation in their office, they will help you out and give you that extension. If that fails, you can always get in touch with Essayontime essay writing service to help you out.

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7. Not Taking Care of Yourself

By this, I don’t just mean taking care of your health, but also making sure you are safe. This goes double if you’re a girl. Although college campuses are safe and very idyllic places during the day, at night, it is somewhat of a different story. You never know who might be lurking in the dark when there are not a lot of people around. I would advise to you always go home with a friend or with a group of people you know.

If you do notice someone suspicious on campus, notify the campus security or the authorities. Just in case you do find yourself alone, always have some means of self-defense on you, such as pepper spray, taser, or a stun gun. Also, keep you cellphone in your pocket or in your hand, so you can make a quick call in case you run into trouble.

6. Being Awkward

We are not all the same, which means some students are more social than others and find it easier for them to fit in with new people. If you don’t fall into that category, don’t sweat it. It takes a while for some people to feel comfortable before they go out and start making friends. But, don’t let an entire semester pass by before you meet anyone. It will make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and left out.

You see, there is a very high chance that others feel the same way, which means there are people who are just like you, so why not go up to them strike up a conversation? You will be surprised at how well they will respond. Before you know it, you will have become a part of a much wider social circle, and you will finally feel like you belong.

If you’re not too fond of being in a group of people or struggle finding the right tribe, there’s always the option of pursuing online classes. This relieves you from the hassle of personal contact but still enjoy a relative amount of interaction through your online peers right at home. You can take an online mba California, without the need of ever stepping into a college lecture hall.

5. Slacking off

When you are studying, make sure that you put in the necessary effort, because everything else can wait. Hanging out with your friends and partying is nice, but it’s not your primary objective in college. While you do get more flexibility and freedom in terms of your studies, that also means there is nobody around to push you to work harder. No parents, and no teachers. You have to rely on your own self-motivation and self-discipline every day.

If you fail a class, or a semester, that means you will have to pay money in order to attend the same class next year. Or, even worse, if you fail to study at all, you will have to drop out, and then you can say goodbye to having a life you’ve always dreamed of. Sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

4. Not Going to Class

If you want to pass all of your exams, you have to go to each class, plain and simple. It’s OK to miss a few if you are not feeling well enough to go, or if there is an emergency of some sort, but apart from that, nothing is more important than attending class. College professors will go over large volumes of information in no time, which means it will be almost impossible for you to catch up if you are behind on your studies.

You can ask some of your friends to help you out, but even that approach will only take you so far, because they have their own studying to do. Nobody feels like getting up in the morning to attend an early class, but that’s the reason why you’re there.

3. Wasting Your Time

While you should always make sure to get enough rest and relax for a few days after midterms, it’s always better to find something to do in your spare time. You can do a number of different things, like playing sports, taking a part-time job, or even pursuing an internship, which will look great on your CV and increase your chances of getting a job one day. There are also plenty of college activities you can take part in, or different communities you can become a part of.

All of these experiences will not only make you spend your time in a more productive manner, but also teach you how to be responsible and prepare you for the real world that’s waiting for you out there once you graduate.

2. Being Late All the Time

It’s not just a question of poor manners. Don’t wait until you have 15 minutes until class to get ready, especially if it’s an early one. Not only will you probably look like hell, but you won’t be able to concentrate, because you’ll still feel drowsy. In order to avoid this issue, go to bed on time, so you can get an early start. Our bodies are made to function during the day, and rest during the night, so create your schedule around that principle.

Make sure to get at least 6 solid hours of sleep during the night, so that you have enough energy for every task that’s waiting for you during the day. If you feel tired during the day, take a nap, and continue to study after you’ve gotten some rest.

1.    Doing Something Illegal

I cannot emphasize this one enough. You are never to engage in any illegal activities while in college, which includes drinking too much, doing drugs, stealing, fighting, or vandalizing someone else’s property. Use your common sense. You will encounter lots of shady people on campus or at parties, such as drug dealers. Stay away from them and stay out of trouble. They are undercover policemen at best, which will land you in some hot water. Don’t do it to take the pressure or to fit in either, because you will only create more problems for yourself. Work hard, be smart, and you’ll be on your way to become a college graduate in no time.


Marcus Williams is a freelance writer whose goal is to make every student’s college experience as pleasant as possible. Apart from sharing his knowledge and love for the written word with the rest of the world, he also enjoys reading, music, playing basketball, and the occasional Netflix binge.

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