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It’s no secret that, with every generation, products change. What was popular for one generation often falls out of favor with the next. Millenials are the newest generation to change the shopping experience, and these six products are getting a boost. These are purchased more often, and some are being purchased at a rate the likes of which we’ve never seen. Whether you’re a curious bystander or a business owner wanting to know what’s trending, take a look at these six things that millennials enjoy.


It was once enough for a man or woman to have a cup of Folgers or Maxwell House coffee in the morning. They started their day. They had their coffee. It was good enough. This is not so with millenials. Coffee is now treated with the same respect and attention as wine. While some find the obsession odd, it’s a reminder that quality is important to millenials. They’re interested in an experience. Coffee has cupping notes, and the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee is a passion for many. As a result new specialty and luxury coffee gear has also entered the market. Take for example the AeroPress or the Chemex.


Many millenials prefer vaping to cigarettes, which is a fascinating new trend. E-cigs have become a much healthier alternative. Vape mods can be customized to suit the personality of the buyer, and e juice comes in hundreds of flavors, from blackberry to chocolate chip cookie. The fun and personalization of vaping is part of what makes it attractive to younger buyers.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks were a huge trend just as most millenials were hitting high school or college, and they haven’t decreased in popularity since. 64% of millenials consume energy drinks regularly. When caffeine is needed, it seems most millennials turn to Red Bull or Monster.

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce, it seems, is the ketchup of the future. The obsession with hot sauces, from mouth-burning specialty sauces, to sriracha, is a common millennial trend. Since ethnic food is favored by many millenials, they’re already accustomed to that spicy kick, and it seems they want it at home, too.

Organic Food

Roughly 53% of millennials favor organic food. Millenials are passionate about healthier food overall, from non-GMO to naturally sugar-free foods. The rise in healthy eating caused major grocery stores, such as Aldi, to dramatically alter their selection in favor of health foods.

Cash Register Donations

While not technically a product, a cash register donation is still an area where millenials are spending money. Millenials are making cash register donations more than any other generation, and they say they enjoy the experience. We’ve known for awhile that millennials have a passion for charity, local businesses, and giving back. It seems this is true even in the little things, like cash register donations, which is a request many people find annoying, and simply ignore.

Craft Beer

This one has escaped almost no one’s notice. Rather than drinking mainstream, canned beer, many millenials are crafting a passion for craft beer. The unique experience and backstory of the beers have an appeal, and 43% of millennials would say that craft beers taste better. As with coffee, quality is increasingly important.

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