What Skills & Education Are Required to Be a Casino Supervisor?

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On a casino floor, it is the casino supervisor who oversees and directs the ongoing activities. They are sometimes referred to as pit bosses. Their main job is to ensure gaming rules and laws are being followed. Mostly these professionals have been promoted to this post after years of experience as a dealer. Some of them may earlier be a runner or a sports book writer for www.supercasinosites.com. It usually depends on the employer as to what kind of skill set and education he is looking for in a supervisor. On the other hand, obtaining relevant education and having certain qualities can increase the opportunities for employment in casinos as well.

Skills required for casino supervisors

There are several skills that help a supervisor do their job effectively. Good communication skills and customer service are critical. This is because supervisors work closely with other employees and players. Management and leadership skills are also of high importance. Good mathematical skills may be required by some employers. Due to the fast-paced nature of activities in a casino, quick decision making is also required. Skills required for internet gambling are entirely different when compared to land-based casinos.


A high school diploma or equivalent is the basic requirement for gaming supervisors. There is also a provision of a classroom and on-the-job training for all the casino workers. The rules and regulations of gambling are not usually taught in the post-secondary schools. It is taught in gaming schools which has an affiliation with the employers. If the education is related to hospitality or hotel management, the chances of employment may increase as well.


The employees in the gaming sector need to be licensed in their respective states, even online casino employees. The licenses for the same are administered by Gaming Control Board in each state. This board offers legalized gambling to the public. It is very easy to get a license. The main requirements are an application, photo identification, drug screening and a criminal background check. Some states require their employees to get their licenses renewed every few years.

Careers and Salary

There is an expectation of about a seven percent growth for gaming supervisors between 2010 and 2020. This is as per the statements of The Bureau of Labour Statistics. The areas which are legalizing gambling has been on the rise. This has led to an increase in the number of casinos and the requirement for supervisors. Also, increasing usage of online casinos has led to more hiring of supervisors having a technical background. The average salary for these jobs as per the bureau is £37,335 per year.

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