Slavery reparations hustle and ‘Blame Whitey’ mania is a scam, says former ACLU leader

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Former ACLU executive Michael Meyers warns blacks to not fall for the Democratic Party's slavery reparations "scam."Democrats are trying to bribe black voters again by dusting off the old leftist talking point of promising Slavery Reparations. Not surprisingly, the reparations talk is heating up just as we approach the 2020 elections.

However, black activists warn black voters to not fall for the “Blame Whitey” hustle because no one is getting reparations. It’s merely a scam to con blacks into voting for Democrats.

Activist to Black Voters: Don’t Fall for Reparations Con!

After the elections are over, the Democrats will go back to ignoring black Americans until they need their votes again for the next election cycle.

That’s what Michael Meyers — a former board member of the ACLU — told Fox News.

“It’s more of that Blame Whitey movement mania. And it’s sheer racial rhetoric. That’s what you get at the Al Sharpton so-called ‘House of Justice.’ You have buffoonery. You have diversion, you have distraction. You have this notion of farce.

“So at that house of so-called ‘justice,’ you have either a horror picture show showing, or you have a farce. Either way, it is not to be taken seriously.

“I can’t understand how serious presidential contenders can give legitimacy to a racial blowhard. I think it is outrageous and silly and idiocy on the part of the presidential candidates.”

‘They Are Chasing a Farce’

Race-baiting Reverend Al Sharpton has asked Democratic presidential candidates to promise that they’ll offer slavery reparations to blacks if they were elected president.

Not surprisingly, the pandering Dem candidates all dutifully promised they would. However, Michael Meyers said the whole idea is beyond idiotic.

“Anybody who thinks that white Americans are going to take the blame or going to feel guilty or give their land and their property away in some sort of reparations pot because they feel responsibility for the sins of their forebears [are delusional]. They’re not.”

“Nobody is giving up their house, nobody is giving up their land. So what are they talking about? These people are chasing a farce.”

David Webb: This is ‘Pure Pandering’ for Black Votes

Meyers echoed the sentiments of black conservative radio show host David Webb, who says the Democrats’ promise of slavery reparations is “pure pandering” for black votes.

“Blacks, you are being lied to if you believe that at any moment, any one of [these Democrats] will deliver reparations to you,” Webb said. “It’s not going to happen. It means nothing.”

Besides, some black conservatives say that hate-crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett has destroyed the “myth of White Privilege.”

Way to divide America, Democrats! Trying to bring back racial segregation is not a winning idea.

‘This Is the Most Ridiculous Proposal I Ever Heard’

As BizPac Review reported, civil rights activist Robert Woodson slammed the Slavery Reparations movement, saying the divisiveness has destroyed the civil rights movement and turned it into a Race Grievance industry.

“It’s the most ridiculous proposal that I’ve ever heard. First of all, it’s important to deconstruct it a little. With reparations, the question is who pays and who gets paid?

“People don’t realize that there were blacks who owned slaves as well. There were 3,700 blacks that owned 12,000 slaves.

“What about the whites who came here after slavery? What about the hundreds of thousands who died fighting in the Civil War who never owned slaves?”

Source: Slavery reparations hustle and ‘Blame Whitey’ mania is a scam, says former ACLU leader Conservative News Today

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