Slow down school chief search

Apr 2, 2017 by

The newly elected Detroit Public Schools Community District board is cruising through the selection process of a new superintendent. While that is job No. 1 for the board, this decision merits taking the time to find the best candidate.

The board is now considering only two candidates, after the third dropped out last week. And it never gave the consideration it should to interim Superintendent Alycia Meriweather. Despite her good performance in that role the past year — as well as the fact she’s garnered the support of a broad swath of stakeholders — she didn’t make the cut.

That has upset the Detroit teachers union, business leaders and others who have come to respect and trust Meriweather. Even some school board members have voiced their support for her, and weren’t pleased the search firm didn’t include her name.

In light of this backlash, the Black Caucus Foundation of Michigan sent a strongly worded letter to the board this week, saying their members believe the board needs to extend its search timeline and expand its candidate pool.

“We are deeply concerned that the lack of internal and external buy-in threatens proper operational preparation for the new school year and reinforces responsible parental exploration of other more stable and secure school district options,” the letter states.

Source: Editorial: Slow down school chief search

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