If only we were as smart as they are

Dec 11, 2016 by

by Steve Kates –

The reality is that the left is more obtuse, less informed and cruelly indifferent to the social and political fates of those into whose hands entire nations fall. Vide Cuba and Venezuela for recent examples. What follows is typical snide and superior non-humour from the left: Conan’s Spoof Phone Calls Between Barack Obama And Donald Trump Will Never Get Old

What if Donald Trump kept bugging Barack Obama for advice?

Conan O’Brien imagines the kind of things the president-elect may be asking the current commander in chief in a series of hilarious spoof telephone calls.

From questioning whether Kazakhstan is a meat dish to complaining about the length of the Mexican border, Obama is luckily on hand to answer each of Trump’s queries.

These are the headings of the issues Trump will need assistance from Obama to deal with. The list is typical of the left’s ideological vision since they must imagine these are areas Obama has handled with aplomb and distinction.

1 On Presidential Medals Of Honor And Kazakhstan
2 On Gifts, Candy And The Mexican Border
3 On The Nuclear Codes, Iran And Jackie Chan
4 On Taiwan And The State Of The Union Address
5 On Time’s ‘Person Of The Year’ And The Mexican Wall

They have lost for now, but their self-contained ignorance makes them perennially dangerous. They have no sources of information outside their self-constructed bubbles and refuse to let any shards of reality disturb their information flow.

The most depressing part is that this article has been sent to me by an old school friend who has lived in California for the past thirty year or so, and sees this as a perfect representation of the actual Donald Trump. I have been trying to warn him off this stuff but he has continued it through since the election of GWB, always assuming I am in complete agreement with the things he sends. It is, in itself, their inability even to slightly appreciate that there are other points of view that may be the most tragic part in dealing with such people.

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