Smoke Weed Vs Drink Alcohol – What Do People Prefer in 2020?

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People consume alcohol  for lots of different reasons. Whether you like to imbibe to relax at the end of a long day, to celebrate memorable occasions, or just to enjoy their time, there are plenty of reasons to have a tipple every now and then. 

But what about cannabis? Is cannabis just as popular as drinking alcohol? A recent study showed the vast differences between various members of the population. The results might surprise you! 

The Study 

In this study, the habits of 2080 consumers in the United States were examined. To be eligible, participants had to have consumed both marijuana and alcoholic beverages in recent months there were two attention checker questions to make sure all participants were qualified and not mindlessly answering the questions.

To be fair, the study relied on self-reporting, so there is some room for error and exaggeration. However, the results of the survey might pique your interest when it comes to smoking weed vs. drinking alcohol. 

In this study, most of the respondents were between 18 and 29 years old, a group that represented 1.8% of the group. The second largest group was the 30-49 age bracket, coming in at 31% of all participants. Very few participants fell into the 50-59 age group (7.2%) while slightly more were aged 60 or above (10%). 

Most workers – about a third – reported being paid between $0 and $2499, while a very small percentage (6.2%) were paid between $10,000 and $14,999. Only about 10% of survey-takers made more than this. 

Smoking Weed vs. Drinking Alcohol: Which is Preferred?

While you might think that smoking weed and drinking alcohol go hand in hand, most survey takers did not disagree. This was surprising, given that cannabis is now legal in much of the United States and that drinking alcohol has been linked to so many harmful consequences.

According to the results of this survey, only about 40.8% of respondents preferred weed over alcohol. 59.2% preferred alcohol to weed instead. 

Of these participants, about 40.$5 smoke to get high on a weekly basis. About a quarter only get high once a month, while 13.7% smoke two grams or more each day. 

This is compared with the data on drinking – 51.8% report drinking regularly, while only 16.5% drink to excess, getting inebriated each time they do.

The Reasons Behind the Results

The study also asked participants why they preferred cannabis over alcohol. Although this group of people was in the minority compared to those who preferred drinking alcohol, those who preferred cannabis said that they did so in order to avoid a hangover. About 59% of respondents fell into this category. 

The remainder said that they liked smoking weed because they preferred the feeling of being high compared to that of being drunk. 

Some other reasons why people preferred we included:

  • Cost
  • Health impacts
  • Availability of weed in other forms, like pills, capsules, and edibles
  • Better at boosting mood or social skills
  • Do not like the taste of alcohol or stomach problems arise when drinking alcohol
  • Social reasons 
  • Issues related to COVID-19 

When it came to drinking alcohol, about 39% of respondents would rather consume alcohol because it’s less expensive and/or because weed is not available or legal where they reside. 

Other reasons for preferring alcohol included:

  • Anxiety when smoking marijuana
  • Cost
  • Better feelings of relaxation
  • Legal issues
  • Productivity problems
  • Smell and taste of weed
  • Health benefits of consuming alcohol in moderate amounts 
  • Social issues 
  • Issues related to COVID-19

Further Implications

The study’s discoveries didn’t end there. It also included research on what people do when they smoke weed or drink, with lots of overlap between the two activities. It also examined the happy and sad experiences shared by both parties, as well as the legal issues related to using alcohol or smoking weed. 

Ultimately, the study shows that, when it comes to smoking weed and drinking alcohol, people are split! There’s no one wrong way to relax – as this study proves in full color.

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