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Snooki Pounds Fat Man

May 24, 2013 by

On Friday, tragedy broke out as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie visited Seaside Heights: a fight broke out between him and “Jersey Shore” star Snooki.

Christie was walking around the boardwalk after having appeared on NBC’s Today when Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi confronted him to defend her idiotic show. The two engaged in a heated conversation, with Snooki tweeting shortly thereafter, “Getting told why we are bad for jersey. Amazing.”



Snooki told Christie to back away from her at one point. “Why are you standing so close to me?” asked one of the cast member’s mothers. Christie can then be seen saying, “You asked for my opinion.”



Playing the moderator was Deena Cortese, who told Christie she was from Jersey (and did not mention that she was a blast in a glass). Christie said, “I know you are, I was talking about her.” Deena replied, “And guess what? I thought you did a good job with the hurricane.”


Then Snooki cut in again: “I just wanted to meet you, and just, hope you start to like us.”



Christie ended the meet-and-greet by shaking hands and walking away, presumably to hit the GTL (gym, tanning, laundry). “He just doesn’t like us,” Snooki told a nearby cameraman. That’s what happens when you’re unsuccessful in snookin’ for love.

Snooki Ambushes Chris Christie at Jersey Shore.

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