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“So Let Me Get This Straight” – by Donna Garner

The Dems want to impeach Pres. Trump because they want 2020 voters to believe that Trump leveraged taxpayers’ dollars over Ukraine to force them to investigate the Bidens.

However, the official transcript of the Ukraine phone call with Zelensky, which Trump released for all the world to read on 9.25.19, clearly showed that no such strong-arm tactics were used by Trump:

The Dems can bring forth as many leftwing whistleblowers as they can successfully bribe, but the fact is that we have the official transcript. We do not need a repeat of the “whistleblowers” similar to what we saw in the Brett Kavanaugh debacle.

The Dems expect the American public to ignore the fact that Joe Biden, as VP under Obama, used the power of his office to get “sweetheart business deals” for his son Hunter Biden – deals that paid Hunter billions of dollars ($3.1 from Ukraine – Burisma Holdings and $1.5 Billion from Bank of China deal).

To make matters worse, Hunter Biden got these “sweetheart” deals not long after being kicked out of the Navy for cocaine abuse and at a time when “daddy” had the power of the VP under Obama. 


Hunter Biden had no experience that made him qualified to be hired by Burisma Holdings, the gas/oil/energy company in Ukraine. 

In reality, it was VP Joe Biden who strong-armed Ukraine by telling them that the Obama administration would hold back $1 Billion of U. S. taxpayers’ dollars unless the prosecutor in charge of investigating Hunter and his company for corruption was fired.

The prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) was fired, and Ukraine got its $1 Billion.  

Later on, Joe Biden bragged publicly (all caught on video) that six hours after making his threat to Ukraine, the prosecutor was fired:–dj2-CY


Could it be that the Dems are petrified that the issue of CrowdStrike might come up again? 

In his phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky, Pres. Trump asked him to learn more about CrowdStrike.  This is the company that was hired by Hillary/DNC to perform a forensic examination of the DNC’s server and then to conclude who had hacked it.

The DNC refused to allow the FBI or the Dept. of Homeland Security to investigate the server. To this day, neither agency has seen the server.

CrowdStrike concluded that the Russians had hacked the DNC’s server, and this is what led to the whole Russian collusion hoax and the Mueller investigation.  

What if CrowdStrike was hired as a part of Hillary/DNC’s elaborate Russian hoax/Mueller investigation/impeachment plan?   


During the time that Joe Biden as VP under Obama was shaping U. S. and China policy, Hunter went with his dad to China on Air Force Two and inked a $1.5 Billion private equity deal with the Bank of China.

Joe Biden has always been soft on China, saying “I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks…they’re not competition for us.” 

Why so soft…most likely because the Chinese funded a business that was co-owned by his son Hunter, and the entire Biden family was making billions from the deal. 


The Dems are running scared of the truth coming out.  Best idea for them: Create a distraction. 

Get America’s attention off CrowdStrike and Biden pay-for-play corruption by whipping up impeachment rhetoric.

Make it look as if Trump is the guilty one when instead it was Biden/Dems who strong-armed Ukraine by threatening to hold back American dollars.

Make it look as if Trump is deliberately trying to destroy an opposition candidate when in actuality Trump is doing his job of trying to protect American interests and root out corruption wherever it is found.

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