Some people write better commentaries than me!

Aug 11, 2019 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Below is a commentary that is somewhat shocking, somewhat surprising, and should be of concern.


” The Teachers We Need, The Teachers We Can Get 

by Lawrence Baines & Jim Machell 

A new report from the Oklahoma Department of Education confirmed that that state has lost 30,000 teachers in the past six years, a significant number in a state that employs a total of only 41,000 teachers. Response to teacher flight in Oklahoma, as in other states, has focused on finding warm bodies to fill classrooms, not on teacher quality. As a result, the neediest students in Oklahoma are being taught by the least qualified teachers.”

SO, if the test scores in Oklahoma ( a very nice state in my humble opinion) are less than adequate, we just simply rely on one word—TURNOVER—-and I have never met Lawrence Baines and Jim Machell- but their use of ” warm bodies” is distressing—I know if I ever used that word I might get in a heap of trouble. 

I got the above from Teachers College Record this morning at 10:58 a.m. in an e-mail. I have visited Teachers College in New York City on a few occasions. They have a humongous library- They probably have internet access to- and that is how they got that report from the Oklahoma Department of Education.

I wonder how much turnover occurs in other states? And if anyone is studying the reasons for all these retirements.

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