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Some Recognition for an Outstanding Publication

Sep 27, 2018 by

Will Fitzhugh

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Pioneer Institute recently produced an exceptional video about Will Fitzhugh and The Concord Review. 

It should be noted that  Jamie Gass, the  education policy director of The Pioneer Institute , sits on the board of The Concord Review and frequently writes for national publications about the importance of history instruction.

In this video, Will Fitzhugh talks about his life, his dedication to the Concord Review and about his commitment to high school writing. The Concord Review, under the leadership of Will Fitzhugh has aided many high school students in the publication of their work and has aided them in their admissions to colleges and universities across the United States.

Video Highlights Long-Running Journal that Publishes History Essays by High School Students 

 – A new video  highlights the work of Will Fitzhugh, who for years has operated The Concord Review, a journal that publishes history essays by secondary students from across the country and around the globe. 
“Will Fitzhugh has dedicated his career to disseminating the superb work of high school students to their peers and the world,” said Jamie Gass, who directs Pioneer Institute’s Center for School Reform and is also a member of The Concord Review board. “His goal is to inspire as many students as possible by putting excellent history writing in front of them.”

In well over 100 issues since 1987, the Review has thus far published nearly 1,300 essays by students from 45 states and 40 foreign countries. There are no length or subject requirements beyond the history focus, which maximizes students’ freedom to pursue their interests.

Fitzhugh asks his student authors to let him know where they will be attending college. Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Princeton are the most common destinations.

The Concord Review
 has attracted a number of high-profile supporters, including the late American Federation of Teachers President Albert Shanker, who wrote two columns about it in The New York Times after reading an early issue of the journal. Historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. said The Concord Review“should be in every high school in the land.”

Other Concord Review boosters include Pulitzer-Prize winning historian David McCullough, education historian Diane Ravitch, and Jay Mathews of TheWashington Post.

Earlier this year, Fitzhugh co-authored a review of Massachusetts’ new K-12 academic standards in U.S. History. In June, Pioneer Institute published the results of a poll showing strong support among legislators, parents, and teachers for reinstating a state requirement that students pass a U.S. History MCAS test to graduate from high school.  

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