Some Thoughts from Carl Hiassen

Aug 5, 2019 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

As I type this, I am absorbing what transpired in El Paso Texas at some WalMart on a pleasant Saturday, when parents were probably just buying some school supplies or clothes for their kids returning to school.

I obviously do not personally know any of the workers at that Walmart, nor do I know anyone who was impacted by the shooting. And I do not know the shooter- who probably, has some type of mental health or psychological or psychiatric problems.

However, everyone here at Ed News is saddened by the mass shooting and our thoughts and prayers go out to those impacted by this senseless shooting. 

There apparently were thousands of people at this Walmart who were in one way or another impacted by this senseless act. And many have suffered gun shot wounds and at this time, apparently one is dead. Parents, friends, relatives of those who were shot are experiencing a good deal of fear, apprehension and anxiety.

Carl Hiassen, a writer that I admire, lost his brother in another senseless shooting in Maryland. There seems to be a lot of these senseless shootings in schools, churches, libraries, discos and now, a WalMart.

Carl has posted some insightful words that we should all take to heart- and practice:


( taken from Carl Hiassen’s home page) 

We have to hug our loved ones because there is no telling where and when one of these senseless acts will take place, and what the outcomes may be.

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