Some Utah parents and students are upset that schools will reopen this fall

Jun 1, 2020 by

Cynthia Hepworth is torn over whether to send her four boys back to the classroom when schools reopen this fall.

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On the one hand, two of her sons have excelled since classes were moved online in March because of the pandemic. On the other, two have struggled to learn without face-to-face interaction with teachers, dropping from As to Cs and missing several assignments.

It doesn’t make sense to split them. So should she keep them all home to study where they’ll be safe? Or should she send them all to school so her two middle sons can earn better grades? But if she does, will they catch the coronavirus there, as she fears?

“I want my kids to go back, but I also feel nervous about it,” Hepworth said. “I just don’t know what I’d do if they got sick.”

Some Utah parents say they feel stuck making that choice now after Gov. Gary Herbert announced Wednesday that most K-12 schools and colleges in the state would be welcoming students again come August.

Many say they aren’t comfortable having their kid in a classroom with how the virus is spreading here — with 8,921 cases as of Thursday and more than 100 deaths — and no vaccine. Others say that with three months to go until school starts, it’s too soon to make a decision without knowing if there will be a late-summer surge in cases. A few worry about sons and daughters and staffers who are immunocompromised or at high risk of more serious illness if they contract the virus.

A lot agree: They are frustrated with the call.

Source: Some Utah parents and students are upset that schools will reopen this fall – The Salt Lake Tribune

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