Some Valuable Tips for Scaling Your Start-up by Rohit Manglik

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Rohit Manglik, an Edupreneur and Founder-cum-CEO of EduGorilla Community Private Limited,

by Rohit Manglik – From avoiding being too choosy in selection to confiding in your cofounders and from shouldering your burden with your staff to drawing out that extra bit from them, a lot goes in setting up a start-up. Though it always begins with an exciting idea that knows no boundaries, a good number of endeavors fail to find the end to the long tunnel of their entrepreneurial journey.

This often happens due to the lack of precautions and rescue plans before taking the ultimate plunge. Hence, we have some valuable tips to keep alive that driving force and yearning within you and brace you for the upcoming challenges:

Relieve yourself from the pressing demand for ‘Innovation’

Most of the start-up founders become over-fastidious in finding innovative ideas for their enterprise. They haphazardly run after bizarre schemes and projects just to add that ‘unique’ element to their offering.

If you too are following the same trail, kindly learn an important lesson along with the slew of your earlier ones. Many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs are not vending anything new. They are just making it better and adding different hues to it. Yes, you got that right.

  • Ted Turner only vended television advertising and broadcasting
  • Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) went with the idea of selling the same things that you could find at any corner convenience store or five-and-dime
  • Warren Buffett dealt with buying and selling stocks of other individuals
  • Howard Schultz sold coffee

Entrepreneurs aren’t innovators, always. You can lay hold of anybody’s product and start selling it.

Shoulder Your Burden

Being the backbone of your enterprise requires you to be the jack of all trades. Every field of your start-up would require your touch. However, you can’t be the master of all sub-spheres. So, find some individuals to shoulder your burden. Get some individuals to work you, hire them or outsource your job.

For instance, take the job of deciding upon the most beneficial alternatives to incorporate to your enterprise. Should it be a private limited company, an S-Corp, a C-Corp, or an LLC? The decision requires an expert’s discretion. And unless you are one, you will be needing someone to analyze these options and manage it fully. An attorney might be of help here.

So, take help from others. You can always reward them later with deferred stocks and payments.

Confound Your Worries by Cofounding

Launching a start-up requires more than dedication, passion, and hard work. It requires the inspiration of a co-founder. A co-founder can lift your stakes much higher than your estimates. He may also wish for your well being and act with a missionary zeal.

You would also need him to fill your absence and oversee your enterprise in many circumstances. His skill set can also help you in spheres where you fall short of the required expertise. Moreover, Venture Capitalists any day prefer those start-ups who have a founding team to the ones that are headed by an individual.

Let the Goad Stick drive you as well

Though every one of us has a lazy lobster residing inside us, it’s nevertheless true that we perform better under pressure and stress. You won’t be willing to affirm to this philosophy but it’s the bitter truth. And as you are the taskmaster of your start-up, the goad stick rests in your hand.

So, let your yearning and the sheer demands of your endeavor take out the best in you and prod you to full-fledged action. Doing this becomes all the more necessary to acquire a quintessential status in front of your team. If you can’t do it yourself, how can you demand it from your employees?

Flush your Money-Worries

Though capital is the powerhouse of any successful start-up, it can only provide fuel to your venture, not fodder. Money alone cannot improve aspects like quality control and monitoring. Such entities are also crucial and can only be focussed upon ad improved by you. So, don’t nag yourself all the time with pondering over funding and resources.

Always remember that money is not going to make your product better. Rather, it’s the other way round. Take a few steps back, work on your product, and let things grow by themselves. Strengthen the pull with which it will attract the customers. Investors will follow anyway.

Redirect Your Worries on Promotion, Instead

If capital is the king of any start-up, marketing is its queen. And the lady always rules the house. Marketing or promotion isn’t going to be a waste of time and resources. It’s your investment if not supported by the correct promotion strategy.

Remember, no matter how innovative your product is or how unique your offering is, its futile if customers are unaware of it. The people in front of or for whom you are promoting your product are the ones who will purchase it. So, start investing time and funds in marketing and promotion. It will pay off.

Identify and Filter Your Prospective Customers

The market is already awash with products of every kind unless you are bringing something from the moon, and a corresponding base of buyers also exists. So, direct your resources and attention to identify and retain your future customers. Talk to them about their likes, dislikes, and their expectations from your product. Try to know them better.

The sooner you know your customers, the swifter returns will fill your coffers. And marketing your product and services will subsequently lead you to your prospective customers.

The Lesson Overall

By now, you would have learned an essential and indispensable lesson. And that is, you need to take all pains and put in all your sweat and blood for just one thing – your start-up. So, simply make a beginning. Run a quick and careful observation for implementing your idea and just execute it. Once the start-up comes into existence, developments following it can be taken care of.

Author Bio:

Rohit Manglik, an Edupreneur and Founder-cum-CEO of EduGorilla Community Private Limited, pens articles on fields of education and technology, as he harbors a yearning to transform India’s traditional backdrop of education to fall in line with the one leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning.

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