Sorority works to increase numbers of African Americans who can swim

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The Sigma Gamma Rho sorority and USA Swimming trying to get more African Americans in the pool

Volunteer coaches guided them into the water and ran through basic swimming techniques. The children ducked their faces in the water and blew bubbles, and kicked their way across the pool with the aid of coaches who pulled them along by their hands. Then they floated on their backs; their arms and legs spread wide in the water.

The youngsters were taking part in a swim clinic organized by Sigma Gamma Rho, an African American sorority. The organization, in partnership with USA Swimming, has been hosting swim clinics and other events around the country for five years to address a large disparity in the number of African Americans who can’t swim and end up drowning. They named the initiative Swim 1922 as a tribute to the year the sorority was founded.

Sixty-four percent of African American children can’t swim and drown at a rate nearly three times as high as their white peers, according to USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport

Source: Sorority works to increase numbers of African Americans who can swim – Baltimore Sun

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