Soros enjoys light spankings

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He wanted to be spanked harder!

On ABC’s Good Morning America, host (and former Clinton White House staffer) George Stephanopoulos and his crew covered billionaire George Soros’s lawsuit against his Brazilian girlfriend, which includes allegations of physical abuse. Yet ABC and Stephanopoulos failed to describe Soros’s leading role in bankrolling a large portion of the activist left in the United States, describing Soros merely as a very generous “philanthropist.”

Soros’s lawyers filed a countersuit against former girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr on Monday, alleging that she had attacked him physically, rather than the other way around. Ferreys sued Soros for $50 million in 2011.

Good Morning America covered the Soros countersuit, but described Soros merely as a billionaire who “donates hundreds of millions of dollars each year to charity.” It did not describe Soros’s political donations, which includes tens of millions of dollars to left-wing groups, including the umbrella Democratic Alliance, which coordinates and directs funding to a variety of organizations on the institutional left, aimed at changing national policy debates, influencing the mainstream media, and isolating conservative activists and ideas.

The Democracy Alliance spends in the realm of hundreds of millions of dollars during election cycles.

Stephanopoulos did not pose questions or make comments about Soros’s political activity when given the opportunity, though he is certainly aware of Soros’s role. Soros’s donations and influence are thought to be mediated through former White House chief of staff John Podesta, who is a fellow Clinton administration veteran (though his time at the White House did not overlap with Stephanopoulos’s first-term tenure).

ABC Covers ‘Philanthropist’ Soros’s Suit Against Girlfriend; Fails to Mention Left Ties.

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