Spare the Job, Wreck the Child

Aug 19, 2014 by

By Gavin McInnes –

It’s a cliché to bitch about how hard it was when you were their age, but Jesus Christ, do the kids today even know what sweat is? I had a relative send me his resume recently and there wasn’t one real job on it. He was totally overeducated and massively underworked. In the Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead, Charles Murray talks about CEOs who avoid these kinds of graduates because they can’t relate to someone who’s never had a job.

Today’s youth are sitting on the couch in the basement because they can’t find work in their field. “Gender and Film” is a degree that cost them $60k to get but nobody cares if Star Wars is sexist. They avoid blue-collar work because their parents always hired illegals for those tasks and it instilled within them a kind of 18th-century classism. Menial labor isn’t beneath anyone. It builds character, gets you in shape, and makes you a successful entrepreneur.

I’ve been working my ass off since it was legal to work. I pumped gas, stocked shelves, cleaned pools, licked envelopes, washed dishes, bussed tables, delivered records, painted houses, and mowed lawns. Minimum wage back then was less than $5/hr and we survived because we didn’t have families to raise. I don’t know what Obama’s talking about. You’re not supposed to be a dad and work at McDonald’s. That’s a kid’s job. You’re not supposed to hire illegals for menial labor. That’s a kid’s job too. In Canada it’s the teenagers who do the landscaping and pick the fruit. I hated doing both but it was better than playing Xbox in the basement all night.

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