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by Jeffrey Pflaum –

The poem and photographs describe a scene where a teacher goes to the cafeteria to pick up his class. As he comes to their table, the teacher encounters a fight between two boys. After getting the situation under control, and settling down the children, they head back to the room. The teacher calms himself down when a second fight breaks out. He decides to let the boys fight and takes the class out of the room, “freezing” the boys.” At the end he “holds on” to his desk to gain control of himself and return to the present moment.

Photo #7889.rtfd.zip (13 kB)
Dark, “angry” cloud confrontation
Photo #1381_V4.rtfd.zip (27 kB)
Symbolic “religious” “Peacemaker”
Photo #7057.rtfd.zip (89 kB)
“Smoldering fires”
Photo #3234.rtfd.zip (16 kB)
Teacher’s shadow of “nothingness”
Photo #6254.rtfd.zip (17 kB)
Teacher’s positive ranting about school

Source: “Speedball” by Jeffrey Pflaum

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