Spooky stat: 33,000 teachers are falling for Zinn’s twisted history lessons

Nov 1, 2013 by

WASHINGTON, D.C. – American history is masquerading as an oppressive, hateful character this Halloween, courtesy of the revisionist opinions spouted by the Zinn Education Project.

Founded in the memory of progressive professor Howard Zinn, the group pushes his interpretations of history as fact on thousands – if not millions – of students every year.

And a scary statistic was recently revealed: the group just celebrated its 33,000th teacher member.

“The Zinn Education Project recently recorded its 33,000th teacher registration and the website has about 350,000 visitors each year. My father would be heartened to see that so many K-12 educators are ‘teaching outside the textbook,’” wrote his daughter Myla Kabat-Zinn.

ZEP is supported by Teaching for Change and Rethinking Schools, a collective of radical teacher malcontents based in Milwaukee.

The group started by distributing Zinn’s “history” book “A People’s History of the United States.” It depicts the American experience as a constant struggle between the working masses and the wealthy ownership class.

Since then, the group has been offering “support to teachers who want to give their students a different view of history. That support includes the distribution of radical lesson plans and articles.

But Zinn’s very critical version of American history has come under fire, even from far-left progressives.

Georgetown University Professor Michael Kazin wrote in Dissent Magazine, “Zinn’s big book is quite unworthy of such fame and influence. A People’s History is bad history, albeit gilded with virtuous intentions. …

“Like most propagandists, he measures individuals according to his own rigid standard of how they should have thought and acted.”

The American Federation of Teachers, known for its politicization of just about every aspect of public education, even criticized Zinn’s tome. In a winter 2012-13 union magazine article, the author wrote, “I am less concerned here with what Zinn says than his warrant for saying it, less interested in the words that meet the eye than with the book’s interpretive circuitry that doesn’t.”

And yet K-12 “educators” continue to flock to Zinn’s site, obtain his materials and foist them on children. Why aren’t school administrators attempting to halt this mis-education based on propaganda and opinion?

Parents by the thousands should be calling schools and asking that very question.

Spooky stat: 33,000 teachers are falling for Zinn’s twisted history lessons – EAGnews.org powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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