Sport Fish of Florida

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Created and published by one of the best-known angling resources, Florida Sportsman Magazine, Sport Fish of Florida encompasses an extensive collection of species you are likely to encounter when fishing in the area. The trouble with going angling in another state is that most fishers will be left feeling baffled as to whether or not they can catch, keep, or consume a certain species.

Fortunately, this book gives a helping hand to all anglers who have a bit of trouble making the difference between one catch and the next. Packed with illustrations by Kevin Brant, this book can help you learn the specifics of over 200 species whose homes are waters in Florida. This easy-to-use guide can tell you just what these fish eat, where their habitat is, and eve how you can catch them.

The neat thing about Sport Fish of Florida is that it even has a part about inshore and offshore waters. As reported by some of the people who have purchased it, the title is tough enough to withstand the test of time and a lot of abuse. After all, if you’re going to take it with you on your next fishing trip, it’d better do a good job at putting up with a splash or two.

In addition to all of this Sport Fish of Florida offers plenty of information regarding the best angling method you can utilize to target a particular species. There’s also data regarding the size of some species and several official records, but also the food value of every fish you can get your hands on.

Let’s face it, some aren’t even worth taking your fishing knife out of your pocket. Probably one of the most helpful things about this book is that it goes into detail about the type of equipment you need to target one type of fish or the next. Add to that the fact that you’ll always know where to find it from now on, what with it coming with plenty of info on natural habitats, and you’re all set to go.

There’s nothing stopping you from taking your tackle, including your spincast reel, and your whole family on the water when you have this book on you. It can be a very entertaining read for a child who has yet to learn about fish, in general, and those you can catch in Florida and the Keys in particular.

It appears that every species has its own page. Some of the saltwater fish you can find out more about if you decide to read Sport Fish of Florida or start using it as a guide for all of your angling adventures range from saltwater species such as snooks, flounders, and croakers to freshwater species like bass, bream, catfish, and shads.

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